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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New Studio

This January I have been working really hard with a lot of help from my husband and lovely family - to move into my new studio. The explosives Laboratory at Wat Tyler Country Park.

One of the parks few remaining buildings from its time as an Explosives Factory, The Laboratory has recently undergone an £80,000 refurbishment as part of the Heritage Interpretation Project which has seen a complete transformation of the park over the past five years.

Following the refurbishment, the building will now be used as my new arts studio offering a range of classes for all ages and abilities and children’s art parties for birthdays, celebrations and weddings.
I am looking forward to creating some larger scale drawings in the new space
I am looking forward to being able to exhibit not only my work but work by other artists as well as finally have the space to continue some projects I have had to shelve over the past few years.
This was the start of a project a few years ago, hopefully I will now beable to complete the project

Run by the British Explosives Syndicate and owned by Swedish Industrialist Alfred Nobel (he of the international Peace Prize), The Laboratory was severely damaged by an explosion in 1916. The result of this can still be seen in the colour contrast of brickwork on the building.

Restored because of its heritage integrity
, the refurbishment project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and whilst the outward appearance is unchanged, the building has been fully restored internally with double glazing and under-floor heating, making it an ideal venue for the new studio.
Putting up the work
My working end of the studio, doesn't that look nice
Finally plenty of storgae space for all my bits and bobs
Some of my work on display
Teaching end of the studio, starting to take shape

 The Laboratory Arts Studio will open to the public on the 12th January 2013. For more information visit or email