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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Venture

I am really excited to finally have the opportunity to open my own art studio - the laboratory at Wat Tyler Country Park in January 2013.
the laboratory has been a vision of mine for a few years now and I am delighted to be opening the space next year.

The laboratory will not only be a space that allows me to move my practice from the kitchen table to an art studio! but also a space where you can join me in a range of classes and explore, experiment and create!

A big thank you to Lisa Dunn for designing our lovely logo
To find out more follow the laboratory on twitter@1the_laboratory or facebook You can also follow the laboratory blog to keep up to date with information on the grand launch on the 12th January 2013
Opening January 12th 2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bling a Poppy

This time of year you are hard pushed to see anyone walking about without the adornment of a red paper poppy. Traditionally the poppy is worn in remembrance of soldiers past and present that have served in the British forces. Poppies are worn throughout the end of October until the 11th of November – Remembrance Sunday.

This blog will show you how to customise you official poppy to suit your style. Popular TV programmes have seen the stars wearing Swarovski poppies, which in turn has led to alot of companies making replicas and selling them on to the public under the pretence of raising money for the Royal British Legion. I want to show you how you can use an official poppy and create similar effects with a few crafts resources. 
Customise your own poppy and ensure that your donation reaches goes to The Royal British Legion.
This poppy has been made using glitter and PVA glue. To get this effect I covered the centre of the poppy with pva glue and sprinkled over the top with black glitter. I repeated this process on the petals using red glitter and once again on the leaves using green glitter. Leave to dry overnight. Cost of materials – Glitters from Hobbycraft £5.97.
Glitter being added to an Official Poppy
Completed Glitter Poppy
This poppy has been made using glitter glue, gem stones and glitter. To get this effect I covered the centre of the poppy with pva glue and sprinkled over the top with black glitter as above. I then covered the petals with red glitter glue. Using a pair of tweezers I applied rows of red gems onto of the glitter glue. I repeated this process for the leaf using green glitter glue and green gems. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Cost of materials, glitter £1.99, glitter glue £1.99 and pack of gems £2.99 – total cost £9.93 (purchased from Hobbycraft).
First apply glitter glue then add gems

Completed Gem covered Poppy
This poppy has been made using glitter glue. To get this effect I covered the centre of the poppy with black glitter glue, the petals with red glitter glue and the leaf with green glitter glue. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Total cost £5.97 – glitter glue brought from Hobbycraft.
Glitter glue being added in a circular pattern

The completed Glitter Glue Poppy
This poppy have been made using acrylic paint. To get this effect I mixed up a couple of shades red acrylic paint using black, red and white paint. I then painted the red petals using various shades. The leaf was painted with green acrylic paint. The paint add a sheen to the poppy which can be enhanced with a varnish or a coat of PVA glue. 
Applying acrylic paint to the poppy petals

The completed Acrylic Painted Poppy

More than 40 million Remembrance poppies, 500,000 poppies of other types, 5 million Remembrance petals, 100,000 wreaths and sprays, 750,000 Remembrance Crosses and other Remembrance items are made at the Poppy Factory each year. 
Make sure you wear your poppy with pride.
For more information on the fantastic work the Royal British Legion carries out, check out their website