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Monday, 18 February 2013

Work of Art Private View

The WOA Gallery on Hampton Court Road Westcliff is an upcoming art gallery owned by Rob Masters.  WOA stands for Work Of Art, but also can stand for the sound you make when you walk into the gallery space. 
Every space contains a treat for the viewer's eyes, with each wall being utilised in the gallery  to promote and showcase works by local artists. With an eclectic mix of works that boasts photography, oil painting, mixed media, jewellery, pottery, typography, printing and abstract art - a visit to the gallery is a must for any art enthusiast.

The Work of Art Gallery on Hampton Court Road Westcliff
 Here are some of the pieces of work that caught my eye...

"Wait" by Sharon Stone, I love the raw emotion in this stunning oil painting

Lisa Horner works in typography and illustration. These pieces are made by digitally scanning in hamma bead letters

Donna Phelps works in mixed media, exploring the combination of different materials to express her visual concepts

Sandra Clarke creates organic natural form prints using a range of techniques including lino printing.
Photo: Handemade necklace by Celeste Cook (ten-eleven pound!bargain!)
Amazing jewellery by Celeste Cook

Bird 3 by Matt Spink, I just loved the colour and texture in this painting, glorious
The WOA Gallery is open Monday to Saturday every week. To find out more about the gallery, the artists or to enquire about exhibiting at the gallery check out the WOA website or contact Rob Masters at or call -07817264420

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Love Series

Since January I have been enjoying working in my own studio. I cannot explain how peaceful and happy I feel in my space, creating planning and teaching.
Now that I am all settled in, over the past few days I have been working on a series of drawings ready for an up coming exhibition. I thought I would give you a sneak preview of a few of the drawings.
"I'm Yours" Water Soluble Crayon on paper

"Singing Heart" Water Soluble Crayon on paper
"Love Ice-Cream" Water Soluble Crayon on paper

Framed and mounted drawing

Original drawings will be available priced at £95:00 framed, prints available £45 or £60 framed. For more information contact Lisa at