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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Story So Far.......

I thought I would start of my blog by looking back at some of my previous art work. Ever since I can remember I have made things/objects/pictures out of what I could find around me. This may have been objects from a market, around the house, collections etc. I tend to make work in response to everyday images, emotions and influences - my subject matter being everyday occurances. During my degree I made alot of work around the theme of the female form, using a range a media from felt, fabric, print, pencil and found objects.

I was influenced by artists Judy Chicage, Rosemary Trockel and Helen Chadwick in particular during this time, interested in discussing the boundary between art and craft. This was a great time for exploration and investigation for me in terms of establishing materials I liked to work with and how I could manipulate materials to take on other qualities. The pod series that I worked on explored the use of bronze, wax and felt. The final installation consisted of 198 felt pods placed in a small alcove creating a womb or cell like space.

Felt, Bronze and Wax Pods

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mother said...

go honey go, you have worked so hard and we are so,so proud of you. luv mum and slim xxx