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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Brandenburg Gate

In preparation for the Basildon Art Trail September 2011, I have been working on a series of drawings based on places I have visited. I have chosen to use pastels -  mainly oil pastels - as the medium for the drawings. I love the quality and marks that can be made with crayons and pastels, the lush colours, subtle blending and powerful contrasts.
In March my husband and I went to Berlin and visited the Brandenburg gate. I was inspired by the architecture and wanted to capture the mood and magnificence of the gate and atmosphere of the day in my drawing. As you can see I have used some artistic licence with my drawing `editing` the picture, removing all the buildings behind the gate and a few of the passerby's. This allows me to concentrate on capturing the form and line of in the architecture; playing with the negative space and using the signs and posts to lead the viewer around the picture. I enjoyed creating this drawing and hope that you find it interesting.
 Brandenburg Gate 2011, Oil Pastel
Photo of the Brandenburg Gate

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DarkInc1 said...

Reminds me of David Hockney... I've been looking at his work more and more of late.