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Monday, 19 September 2011

A sketch a day...

Last week I had a wonderful week off visiting some of the stunning and beautiful sites in Suffolk and Norfolk. Prior to going away I spoke to my best friend about what drawing materials I was going to take with me. She said, "can't you have a week off, your on holiday?" And the answer quite plainly no. I am constantly inspired by the places I go, people I meet, things I observe - everyday life in general. More importantly I feel compelled to sketch, draw, paint and document my observations. I decided as I was on holiday that I would complete a minimum of a small postcard sketch everyday, which I would use to send to my family back home. This way, I got to sketch everyday and also got to share the places I had visited from my view point with my family. I always have my drawing bag in the car, filled with a range of mediums from ink, watercolour, pastels, pencil, charcoal and felt tips. I usually work at a minimum of an A3 scale and actually found it quite frustrating and difficult to draw to such a small scale. The postcards were also a good opportunity to work on quick ten minute sketches, focusing on colour, mark making and observations.
These postcards were a bit of a joint effort. If you look closely on each postcard you will find a character drawing of my husband and myself, which my husband added to each postcard once it was complete - adding the final personal touch.
Below are the six postcards completed - I hope you enjoy!
 Illustration of neolithic flint mining at Grimes Graves, felt tip and pen
 Breakers at Great Yarmouth beach, oil pastels
 Bowling Alley, Oil Pastels
 Dragon fly, pencil
 Framlingham Castle, Watercolour pastels
Orford Castle, Watercolour pastels

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