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Monday, 19 March 2012

Natural form - Work in Progress

Wow the last month has been a busy one and I have so many blogs to catch up with... Living sculpture, Victorian art work, Under the Sea and slot sculptures - but that is all to come over the next week.
I thought I would share with you a couple of pieces I am currently working on in my own practice. I have started work on a series of natural form pieces, with the idea of exploring, line, colour and texture with acrylic paint. I always start of completing a sketch, well I say sketch, I normally complete a drawing in my sketchbook and then transfer this to canvas.
I am going to use luminous paint with these pieces within the background. As with "Murex" I plan to layer paint onto the canvas and then cut through and scrap back to reveal sections of luminosity using a palette knife.
I am hoping to finish these two paintings at the weekend but for now here is where I am up to.

Orchideae - Blue and Orange Flower form

Cytherea -Pink Shell form

Under painting complete, ready for the weekend

Canvases and square black paper sketchbook purchased from Atlantis Art Supplies.

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