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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gretal and Hansel

For this blog I have been putting on images of previous work, trying to bring the blog up to date to my current practice.

This weekend I started work on a new piece, using paper engineering techniques - looking at new ideas. The pictures in this blog show a clinical white sterile woodland scene - reminiscent of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretal. This crisp image is broken up by the stamped butterflies made out of red rose petals. A beautiful flower that has been brutally 'punched' using a craft hole punch. The discarded off cuts have been piled up leaning against a collapsible cottage. The brilliant red looks savage and violent against the stark white background, spilling out towards the edge of the page.

I enjoyed using petals (a first for me), they added a delicate, silky, natural and smooth texture to the harshness of the stiff manufactured embossed card. I will be interested in seeing how these deteriorate over the next couple of days. This was a 'first draft' at this piece, looking at how to create multiple layers and structures that collapse when folded in half. I used two piece of chip board for the base, but will use a single piece scored to create the central fold for future pieces of work as I found the break in the middle of this piece too distracting.

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