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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

She's got legs

For this piece I looked at the theme of image and the pre-conceived ideas of what we are led to think is an acceptable body image by magazines and fashion programmes. In myself, I have always been unhappy with my legs. At the start of the year I had a mould made of my legs and cast these using plaster - a material associated with traditional sculptures, tough, strong and long lasting. These were placed on a manufactured column made out of mdf - this was painted completing the make over and illusion of perfection.
The pair of boots at the base of the column were a pair of mine that I wore during the making process. The boots showed the wear and tear of the user, stretched over calves, worn in, showing everyday stresses and strains, trying to be fashionable. On the side of the boots I used a gel pen to write a ode to my legs. Sparkly silver, high street and glossy.

As much as I was unhappy with all my lumps and bumps that the plaster managed to show up very well, my legs have got me through a lot - never letting me down, school, being bullied, marriage, child birth, university etc etc. For me this piece was as much about experimenting in the manipulation of materials, playing around with 'fakeness' and material qualities as a moment of acceptance of my image, physique and who I am. In this piece my legs are placed up on a pedal stool for all to see in all of their glory!

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Anonymous said...

your legs may have stood you in good stead throughout the trials and tribulations of life, but they dont show what a beautiful, creative person they've helped to make you, go girl go. from a proud as punch mum & stepdad xxx