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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Triptych in progress

What an inspiring weekend I have had! Sometimes you need a reminder that as much a other people can influence you, steer you in the right (or wrong) directions and open doors for you, ultimately it's what you do that counts. As my best friend quoted to me today, "anything is possible if you have the front to do it".

Sometimes I think we expect opportunities to knock on the door or call us on the phone without us having to put in the leg work- and sometimes this does happen. But most of the time you need to look for these opportunities and create them for yourself -  positive attitude, hard work and thick skin.

So with this in the forefront of my mind, I have recharged the batteries and am eager to go out into the big wide art world and let them know that I am here and that they should take a look.

In the meantime I have got stuck into a new body of work, with my parents as my subject matter.  My parents are a huge source of inspiration and strength for me. My father is one of the most hard working people I know and my mothers courage, strength and determination whilst battling cancer has left me in awe. I would not be who I am without the guidance, support and encouragement I have received from my parents, in my current work I want to pay homage to this.

For the first piece I am creating a triptych based on my mother. I am still playing around with ideas but have started work on a couple of drawings which I am hoping will create a powerful triptych. The pictures below have been drawn in my favourite medium of the moment water soluble crayons on A3 cartridge paper, and I am hopinh that they will speak for themselves....

 My Mother and Step-Father at Thorpe Bay,
 inspired by a photo taken by the talented Matthew Gleaves
Cherry blossom caressing the curb

Picture number 3 to follow shortly....keep checking in

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