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Monday, 7 November 2011

Pumpkin Power

If you have read my blog before you will know that I like to explore mediums, make, create and inspire others. This blog is a bit of break from my art blogging and about a fun activity I take part in each year with my family - Pumpkin carving. Each year I try to bring something new to the competition and last year I started painting my pumpkins. I was really impressed with how well the paint took to the surface and created a smooth finish to work with. This year I thought bigger, bolder and more sculptural for my entry........
 The front view of my original pumpkin carving - BOO Trio. The letters B.O.O were carved out of the pumpkin and then the paints came out. The pumpkins were given a coat of acrylic paint outside and then the inside of the pumpkin was painted with luminous orange acrylic to add to the glow!!!
 The back view of my pumpkin with three painted designs, the bottom picture is of a bat cave, the middle picture is of the spooky castle the bats fly to, the top picture is a witch flying past a moon with the tips of the spooky castle just in view.
 Unfortunately I wanted my pumpkin ready for Halloween and as a result, my lovely entry was carved far to early for our competition. As you can see from this picture, my pumpkin slowly went mouldy!
 Eventually the inside collapsed and the pumpkin was not more
 However my sister came to the rescue with a spare pumpkin, so we mocked up a smaller version of the pumpkin, recycling some of the original parts.
 These skeleton figures, were made out of the pumpkin seed, glued together and painted and then embellished - cool huh?

 And here are some of the other entries - This one was done by my young nephews, Brandon and Joshua, Love the use of Mr Potato head bits and bobs.
 Here is my Mum's entry, she was convinced she would not win so literally plastered this over the pumpkin - Genius.
 My elder brother's entry, Jason. These are characters from a children programme - Obviously going for the young votes. Like me my brother made his too early and his started to go mouldy. Fortunately his fitted in his freezer so he was able to preserve his for the competition.
 This is Amy, My nieces fun entry, with smiley faces and messages carved around the pumpkin
And last but by no means least, the winning entry (yes I hear you gasp, I did not win !) This is the winning entry completed by my niece Zoe who is studying for her foundation in art. This pumpkin was carved in the style of Banksy, you can make out the balloon girl in this picture. No hard feeling Zoe - Game on for next year...

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