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Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Craft 5 - Rosettes

Day five brings you some beautiful rosettes. These can be hung on your Christmas tree, used and Christmas present tags or strung together to make a stunning seasonal banner.
To make these you will need the following materials:
Card, patterned or painted paper, ribbon, glue, glitter glue and embellishments.
When I am making any of the crafts blogged on this site, I like to spend time to cut out and prepare all of the pieces prior to assembling an item. However some people like to cut and prepare as they go - this is a personal preference to your working process.

To make this rosette I started by cutting a circle out of card about the size of a cup coaster. Next I cut out a circle of the same size from patterned paper. This is then repeated with a circle about half the size. So at this point you should have two large circles, one card, one patterned paper and two smaller circles, one card and one patterned paper.
The next step is to prepare what you want to put in the centre of the rosette. I chose to cut out a wiggly circle shape and my initial "L".
Now we get to put it altogether. To start glue the large card circle to the back of the large patterned paper and then the small card circle to the back of the small circle patterned paper.  When you have your two patterned paper circles you are ready to add you ribbon. On the back of the smaller circle, add quite a bit of glue. Carefully stick the ribbon around the outside of the circle allowing it to overlap at regular intervals to create ruffles. You can add tape to secure the ribbon if you find it is not sticking to the glue. Add plenty of glue onto the back of the small ribbon edged circle and adhere in the centre of the large circle.
Next add your embellishments to the centre of your rosette. I use sticky pads to secure my wiggly circle to the centre of the small circle and then glued my "L" or reindeer in the centre. For a finishing touch I lined the edge of my wiggly shape with glitter glue and secured a piece of ribbon with tape to the back of the rosette to act as a hanger.
Don't forget to send through you pictures of your crafts to the best ones I will blog at the beginning of December.

 Here is a picture of my completed rosettes. On one I have put my initial and on the other I have glued a felt cut out reindeer. These can be purchased from paperchase for £4.95 for 72 pieces. Have a look on their website
A close up of the reindeer rosette

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