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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Children Christmas Craft no 6 - Christmas wrapped woollen branches

As promised Christmas crafts Number 6 brings you something a little different. For the past few days we have looked at a range of different decorations that can be made into cards, calendars, Christmas tags and also to be hung on trees. Today brings you an interesting display idea as well as a beautiful Christmas craft – Christmas wrapped woollen branches.
You will need: A branch (please only use branches that have fallen and are on the ground – do not cut branches off trees), pva glue and wool.

 Finished woollen wrapped branch

1. Firstly you need to select your branch, it is good to look for one that has got a few branches off it and has a nice form to it.
2. Secondly choose your wool, I have used cool shapes of pink and purple on mine with a hint of green and white but you can use any colours you like.
3. Now you are ready to start binding your branch. Start by placing a bit of pva glue at the bottom of the branch, glue the wool to this and start wrapping around the branch tightly.
4. Each time you want to change colour glue the last bit of the previous piece of wool to the branch and the glue the next colour where the last colour finishes.

5. Continue to bind you branch until it is all covered, when you get to areas that branch off, criss cross the wool over so that you see as little of the branch underneath as possible.
6. When you have finished you branch why not hang some of your lovely decorations you have made on it to complete a stunning classroom display.

Ahh now doesn't that look lovely
You could also use the same technique of a few smaller branches and make a unique Christmas table centre piece.
Foundation and key stage one children may find the binding a little difficult. There are other mediums that you can use instead of wool for this age group and still achieve some interesting results. Why not have the children paint their branches. For key stage one children you can get them to think about their colour choice and maybe painting the branch in strips or bands of colours. While the paint in wet you could add some glitter for a real festive finish. Another option would be to collage the branch in Christmas tissue paper by ripping small sections off the tissue paper and gluing the the branch. This gets messy but when dry looks beautiful.
Key stage 2 children will enjoy this activity, you could see if they can wrap two to three colours of wool at a time around the branch to create a more interesting finish. If you cover or spray the branch with pva you can add glitter onto the finished piece for a bit of sparkle.
Older children could also try sewing sequins onto the finished wool wrapped branch – to create a spiral effect or pattern across the branches

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