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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Craft No 6 - Christmas Cancer Ribbons

For those of you that follow me on my blog, facebook or twitter, you will be aware that my Mother and Sister are both battling cancer. So for day 6 of my Christmas Crafts 7 day challenge I wanted to make something that promotes awareness as well as celebrate how proud I am of both of them. The solution - felt Christmas cancer ribbon brooches.
To make these you will need:
Felt material in multi colours, pencil, sewing thread, needles, scissors and a ribbon template. I have sewn safety pins on the back for attaching but you can purchase a range of backing from a good haberdashery or market stall.

Cut out the template and draw around this using a pencil on a piece of pink felt (or the colour of your choice. You will find a list of all the different colour ribbons on this website You will need to cut out two ribbons - to save time you can fold the felt material in half and cut two out together. Next decide if you are going to embroider any words or images on your ribbon, as this will need to be completed before the two ribbons are sewn together. I have chosen to use the "Live Laugh Love" motto and embroidered this on each ribbon in black so that it is clear to read. You could embroider someones names or a message of thanks, hope or support. On the middle ribbon in the picture below I have embroidered a piece of holly rather than adding on a "Christmas topper".
Once you have completed your embroidery work, sew your ribbons together. I have chosen to use the blanket stitch as I think it give a nice finish. If you are not a confident sewer, you could always use fabric glue and glue the pieces together. I would avoid using PVA glue as this can make the fabric messy, dries hard on the fabric and makes it impossible to sew if you change your mind.
On the other ribbons I have added a Christmas toppers such as a snowman, a Christmas tree, a Christmas bell and Santa's Hat. I did not make any templates for these, just cutting the required shapes from the felt material - This has always been my working process. If you find this a bit tough, there are numerous websites that have templates that you can shrink down on a photocopier to the size required have a look on for some fab ideas- if you get really stuck let me know and I will post a template or two.
I have added a picture of the ribbon template I used to make the ones pictured below. Your finished pieces do not have to end up as brooches, why not make some unique tree decorations, a Christmas banner or add some perfume for a car freshner.

 The set of Felt ribbons, with the "live, Laugh, Love" motto sewn on them.
 The template I used to cut out the ribbon from pink felt material
 Close up of Felt "Christmas Bell" Ribbon
 Close up of "Santa's Hat" ribbon
 Close up of embroidered "Holly" ribbon
 Close up of "Snowman" ribbon
Close up of "Christmas Tree" ribbon

So get your needle and thread out and have a go at making your own unique Christmas ribbon brooch/or tree decoration.

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Why not have a look at some of the beautiful items you can purchase for gifts this year on the Cancer Research website and see how you can help make a difference to thousands of peoples lives

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