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Monday, 14 November 2011

Faces and Places

Up until a year ago I taught NCFE Drawing and Painting at the local college. I was really pleased to receive an email from one of my old learners informing me that he was holding a exhibition of his work at the local library. Armed with my camera and marking pen (hard habit to break) I went along to see what Martin Dyer has been up to. Martin has always had a passion for drawing portraits of some of his favorite jazz and blues musicians. In this exhibition "Faces and Places", Martin has developed his range of portraits to include movie stars, rock and pop and images of places he has visited. I love the snap shot take on all the works, you can almost imagine him standing there with the camera.
Martins pictures of places remind me of Paul Gauguin's "There is a temple" 1892, this picture looks like a typical tourist shot, the fence prevents you from getting the close look, so the image has to be taken from a distance.
 The works are created in pen and ink, watercolour and pencil mediums and are simply stunning. There are some really interesting images in the exhibition so if you have not already been, take a peek. As I said earlier, the exhibition is being held at Basildon Library and is on until the 30th November.
Until you get the chance to go along, her are some sneaky pictures, apologies for the poor lighting.

 This is my favorite picture in the show, amazing perspective
 My son adored the camel drawing, the line work and texture is very delicate

To find out more about Martins art, check out his new website

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