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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Craft 4 - Paper Wreath

For day 4 I have made a fabulous sparkly paperwreath, ready to adorn any household this Christmas. This is a slightly more complex project that the previous three, but once you have worked out your measurements and made your first cone shape the piece will start to take shape.
For this project you will need: A cutting mat, double sided tape, jingle bells, small gems, patterned paper, contrasting coloured paper, glitter glue, ribbon, glue, thread and needle.
 How to make a cone - Glue a piece of contrasting paper to the back of a piece of patterned paper. Cut out a circle about the size of a paper plate. Mark the circle into quarters. Cut along the lines so that you are left with 4 quarters all of the same size. Along one of the straight edges of the quarter piece place a strip of double sided tape. Carefully line this up with the opposite straight edge. This will form your cone shape. If you want to cut a shape out of your cone for additional detail (see picture above) you will need to do this prior to making the cone. Lay the quarter piece on the cutting mat and mark you shape you want to cut roughly in the centre. Using a sharp cutting knife, cut the shape out. Once you have cut out you can join the cone together in the same way mentioned above.
You will need between 12-16 cones to make your wreath, pending on how tightly you want the cones packed together. In the wreath pictured I have used 14 cone shapes.
 Inside the cones with circle shapes cut out of the them I have attached a jingle bell. This has been done by threading a needle with embroidery silk and stitching the bell to the back of the cone - see the picture below.
 To assemble your paperwreath cut out another circle the same size as the circle you cut to make the cones. Glue the paper to a piece of card cut to the same size. Spread plenty of glue onto the circle and carefully lay the cones around the edge of the circle. Gentle push the cones to secure to the circle but be careful not to dent them.
For finishing touches I added some glitter glue around the cut out shapes, and added some small gems and a single bell in the centre of the circle. Once again I have cut a piece of ribbon which has been secured to the back of the wreath to enable the piece to be hung up on display.

The small bell I purchased from Paperchase £4.95 for a box of 72 and the patterned paper I purchased from hobby craft for £4.99

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