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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Crafts 2 -Noel Card

Christmas Craft Number 2 is a beautiful Noel Christmas Card. This can be adapted to any saying, name etc but for the purposes of this piece I have used the word Noel.
First make sure you have all the pieces of equipment you need:
A piece of A4 card, patterned paper, ribbon, glitter glue, tape, gems, scissors, pritt stick, a craft knife and a cutting mat.
To start, fold a piece of A4 paper in half to make your card base. Measure a piece of ribbon that will fit across the card. Secure on the reverse with pritt stick or tape.
For my card I have glued 3 squares of ascending sizes in the centre of the card. Before gluing the top square to the others I cut out a bauble shape using a craft knife. On the back of this piece of paper I have iris folded coloured paper to create a textured area of detail. Iris folding is where strips of paper are folded in half and then layered in a specific order to create a pattern. It is called iris folding as it usually results in a spiral format. To find out more about iris folding follow this link 
The bauble will be my letter "o". The remaining letters I have cut out of patterned paper. These letters are carefully glued into place using pritt stick. You could use foam sticky pads to add layers if you preferred.
Finally I have used the glitter glue to outline my letters and added a gem either side of the central square.
Don't forget to send me images of any crafts items you make from my seven days blog- or of any other Christmas craft ideas you would like me to share on my blog. Send images to

 Front of Noel Card
Detail of the iris folded bauble for the letter "o"

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