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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Crafts 3 - Christmas Tree Cake/treat Stand

Day three brings you something a little bit different - A cake or treat stand in the shape of a Christmas Tree.
This looks complicated but is really easy to make so why not have a go?
Make sure you have all you need to make your cake/treat stand: you will need thick card, patterned paper, pritt stick, cutting mat, craft knife and scissors.
Ok now we have everything let’s get making. Using the templates below, photocopy to the size required. Remember to photocopy both sheets to the same ratio or else the piece will not work.
Once you have printed of the templates cut them out and draw around the shapes on a piece of strong card. Start off with the two Christmas tree pieces. If you want to add a specific pattern to your card - glue this prior to drawing round the template. Alternatively you could paint the card using acrylic paint and leave to dry for a more personal touch.
Draw around the templates and cut the out using scissors or a craft knife. Make you sure you carefully cut out the slots marked on the template.
Once you have completed the tree form you can start to make the three platforms. This is completed in the same way the two tree shapes were made. Choose your paper, glue to the card and cut out. Once again take care when cutting out the "cross" slots in the centre of the circles. If you get these wrong your tree will look wonky!
Once all the pieces are made you are ready to construct your tree. Firstly slot the two tree pieces together. Once these are firmly slotted in place you can add on the three circles. These not only serve as the platform for your treats but also make the piece stable and sturdy. Carefully slide the large circle over the top of the tree. It should rest on the ledges at the bottom. Follow this procedure with the next two circles.
For a final touch I have added a little star at the top of my tree. This was made but cutting out two stars and gluing either side of a piece of card. When dry this can be slotted on the top of the tree.
I have used plain circles for my tree but you could try cutting your circles out with crimped scissors, adding a wave or pattern to the edge to give the piece more detail.
For ideas on cup cakes that you can put of you tree have a look on
 The finished cake stand
 Template for centre tree
 Template for circle platforms
Detail showing the star slotted in at the top of the tree

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