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Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas crafts 1- Star Burst

I love this time of year, the Christmas music, the shopping, wrapping presents... but most importantly for me the Christmas crafts. This year I will be running various Christmas craft courses in local schools and clubs, demonstrating some of the amazing pieces that can be made using felt material and paper  - my favorite two mediums. So for the next seven days I am going to blog an idea for you to have a go at.
This piece is made by cutting out two star shapes about the size of a cup coaster. I have chosen to use patterned paper used for scrap booking and card making, but alternatively you could glue wrapping paper or painted paper onto a piece of card and cut your stars out of that.
Once you have cut out your stars, glue them back to back. If need be tidy up any edges.
To create the star burst use a sharp craft knife and cut a cross through the middle of the star, be careful to make sure that you leave a gap at the edge of each cut. Now cut another cross so that this falls through the centre of the crosses in the original cuts. When all the cuts have been made you should be left with a star that has eight triangles in the centre. Carefully fold these back and voila a star burst.
In the pictures below I have added some additional detail, in one I have placed a bell hanging in the centre - the other has a contrasting piece of paper glued on the back of the centre and added a Christmas image. Alternatively you could add a family photo, or make a few and create a banner that spells out a Christmas message. Enjoy!
 Star burst tree decorations
Detail of reindeer star burst

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