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Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Work = Dignity textured canvas painting

After working quite tight on my drawings for the past couple of months I decided it was time to bring out the canvas and paint and explore colour and mark making in a bid to loosen me up a bit. This has become a bit of a ritual for me and helps to refocus, re-explore and understand my making process.
 Dignity, Acrylic on Canvas
 The painting is started by laying washes of colour ground, only primary colour and white are used.
 This is left to dry
 Next the palette knife comes out and sculpts the texture and pattern on the surface, carving away at the paint as I go. Careful consideration is put into the colour which will be revealed through the top layer.
 Finally a wash of white and mint green is laid over the textured ground. Using the palette knife I scrap away to reveal parts of the under painting
The finished product
I enjoyed the process and feel the need to explore this technique further. I think an Alice flamingo will be next....

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