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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Metamorphosis No 2

Happy New Year one and all - Christmas is officially over so it's back to work. As much as I have enjoyed relaxing over the Christmas period, I did find the time to start some new work. After the positive feedback I received from the "Journeys and Cells" exhibition - I have wanted to explore making larger sculptures using the same newspaper rolling technique.
Metamorphosis No 2 is a larger scale sculpture of one of the pieces from the previous exhibition - with some changes. A podium has been added to the base of the sculpture made from a cluster of rolled newspaper bonded together and then painted with white acrylic paint to unify them. I am thinking about adding some text to the horizontal bands but have not decided whether that is the right direction for this piece yet!
The tree form at the top has been made from rolled newspaper to create the "trunk" and then surrounded by stamped out butterflies from printed papers.  Taking the papers previous history and voiding this from the viewer - The process of providing new life to old paper, I find really exciting . Below are the results.
 Close up of Metamorphosis No 2

The cluster of newspapers at the base of the sculpture are reminiscent of a barrel.

 Reverse view of the sculpture
Close up of the reverse of the sculpture

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