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Sunday, 29 January 2012

February BEA exhibition

I am very pleased to share with you 3 off my drawings that are currently on show at the BEA gallery in Basildon. My drawings reflect observations of places and happenings I have come across on various journeys. I use oil pastels and watersoluable crayons to create accessible images provoking the viewer to contemplate their own journeys, memories and thoughts of everyday life. I adore the quality of the mark you can get from watersoluable crayons on paper and next to glitter glue (oh yes you know who you are) has to be my favourite medium this year.
The three picture below were all inspired from a trip to Berlin last year.

 Brandenburg Gate Water-soluble Crayons on paper
 Bubble girl, Water-soluble crayon on paper
 Going nowhere, water-soluble crayon on paper
Drawings in situate at the BEA Gallery on Level 1, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon.

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