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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Team Spirit Mural

The finished mural with the motto "Together Everyone Achieves More" The first letters of which spell TEAM

Taking the theme of “Team” lastweek I spent time working with pupils from Ghyllgrove Juniors to create a 16 ft mural that will adorn the school bike shed.

The pupils started the week working on designs inspired by what they most liked about their school, what their school was particularly good at and what their favourite subjects were. Prior to commencing work on the design the children took rubbings from the soles of their shoes, and objects, surfaces from within their school. Once the pupils collated their inspiration materials it was time to get to work on formatting ideas for the final design.
After the design was finalised, I drew up a copy for the children to work their designs and include their ideas, patterns and images

We decided the purple and yellow worked very well for the first panel with the pencils

This was a alternative design, which was less  complex, however the children opted for the more challenging design

We decided that the mural wouldbe a four panel piece, each panel representing one of the four team colours(red, green, blue and yellow) within the schools. To add a bit of spark to the piece we decided each coloured panel could only be paitned with the team colour, the complementary colour of the team colour and black and white.Therefore the red panel could only be red – green –black-white.
After consolation with the children the final design was drawn up and sketched onto the boards.
Prior to paitning I drew up the design onto board
I was so impressed with how the children worked as teams to complete the panels in just 2 days

Adding colour to the first board

Making sure the paint brush strokes all go the in the same direction

The bulk of the painting completed on the green boards

The blue board ready for outlining and finishing touches

The red board being painted

Nearly complete and starting to take shape
Using acrylic paint the children concentrated on painting the mural. Children were shown how to mix colours, to apply paint smoothly to board, how to hold a paint brush and learnt a little colour theory.
Completed yellow board

Completed green board

Completed blue board

Completed red board
Finally finishing touches were added to the boards prior to placing next to each other to evaluate the overall piece
Before the pieces go outside theywill be painted with outdoors varnish to protect the colour and the board –this will also add a nice sheen to the finished mural.

If you are interested in finding out more about having a mural painting for your company, school, group please contact me on

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