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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Healthy Eating Shed

This amazing shed was designed and painted by the talented pupils of Fairhouse Infant School as part of their Healthy Lifestyles week.

For the project we decided that we needed to liven and brighten up the shed in the playground and turn it into a work of art. Working with small groups of children at a time we draw sketches of images we would like to use thinking about exercise and healthy eating.
Mural, medium, texture, colour, healthy, collaborative, design

What we used:
  • Picture frames
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes & water
  • Pencils and paper
What we did:
The children worked in small groups to design their images they wanted painted on the shed. We thought about healthy eating and exercise and how we could merge these together. This resulted in fruit becoming people and people becoming fruit.

Once We had a few designs we discussed which parts we liked and which parts we would like to take forward into the final design.
We decided that some of the drawings were so good that they should be created into works of art in their own right and used this as a opportunity to practice using acrylic paint on wood. The children worked in small groups to paint the image onto a wooden board using acrylic paint.

Once the final design for the shed was agreed I painted on the black outline for the painting
The children then carefully took their time and concentrated on their brush stroke applying the paint to the sheds surface, ensuring no gaps were left and their brush strokes all went in the same direction
Details such as flowers, butterflies and windows were added by the gifted and talented pupils

Finally the black lines were added to the work and a layer of varnish was applied to protect the shed from the elements.
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