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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Paint it, Splat it, Stick It

This Summer I have had the pleasure of working with some talented Art tutors and some even more talented children. Over the course of the summer holiday children from schools around Basildon have been attending activities based at local schools run by BEST (Basildon Education Service Trust). The children have taken part in pentathlons, cookery sessions, dodgeball, speed skills, film production, an Art academy, paint workshops and many more.
During the session children are provided with the opportunity to experiment with materials some of which they may not have used before. I love watching children get their hands dirty and splatter paint, experience physically how it moves across a surface and discover the wide range of marks and effects they can cause themselves. This blog shows off some of my favourite pieces made in workshop for children aged between 5-11years - tutored by Paul Rix-Clancy and Angela Ferguson
Does this not just make you want to go and get your paints out?

I love the eerie feel to this painting, beautiful brush work

Can you spot all of the letters hidden in this stunning masterpiece

One of the amazing pictures finger painting (no brushes allowed) in our finger painting workshop

Working on a masterpiece

Meet Steve! Steve was created during a junk modelling session. It never fails to amaze me what a child can produce from a few bits of junk, cello tape, tissue paper and glue!

More continued mark making and colour exploration using oil pastels

And here is a portrait of me made with Tissue paper!

I just love the detail and shading on this perfect penguin

Tissue paper collage of a tropical island -very Matisse

More finger painting

What a stunning us of colours, marks and simple composition values

I was really hoping this one would be left behind to go on my wall!!! glorious mark making with hands and fingers

And of course, you can't beat a bit of splatter painting

What an amazing picture from a talented 6 year old

A 5 year old's big bad wolf collage

Another wolf collage completed by a 6 year old, just love this one, I think this would make an excellent illustration

As you can see the children clearly enjoyed exploring the materials and techniques taught by our talented tutors. what a fun summer.

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