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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Introducing David Smith

As part of this year’s Basildon Art Trail, I managed to convince my husband to finally exhibit some of his amazing photographs. For over 20 years he has been taking pictures for me to use for drawings, paintings, reference etc; and as you can image he has quite a collection. He has an eye for capturing the essence of the day, the space the subject in his work. So here....for the first time are some of his glorious photographs.
Installing works at Gallery 2

Winter 2012, Greets you as you enter the venue

Installation view of David's pictures in the Green Centre
 David says

I have always been a keen photographer; wanting to capture that specific instance in time that would never be repeated.
It may have been a sunset, a summer’s day, an eagle in flight, or a field mouse gathering food. For me, it is nature that holds my attention; the shape and form that is so dramatic and beautiful.
I hope that my fascination with the natural world comes across in my work. I have no formal training and my Photos have not been digitally altered. What I photograph is what appears in the picture.

The Lake 

Lake District Boats

The Needle



Coughton Court

All pictures taken on a Canon Powershot S5 IS

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