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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Paper Wreaths

Candy cane inspired paper wreath
Day four brings you two crafting activities for the price of one, an attractive and easy paper wreath and the good old fashioned paper chains.
Brief Description:  This is a simple but effective decoration that looks great hanging from the ceiling, the wall or as part of a wall display. This is also a good activity to look at shape, pattern and symmetry.

Keywords: Pattern, strip, Christmas, festival, winter, decoration, flexibility, shape, design
Materials Needed: Paper, felt tip pens, scissors, crimping scissors, ribbon, glue, embellishments

  • Cut ten strips of paper from a coloured/ patterned piece of paper. This could be a piece of wrapping paper, a page from a magazine or some brightly painted paper prepared by the children.
You can match all your paper or mix up the designs to create a stunning festive wreath
  • Glue each strip into a circle shape
make circles from all the strips of paper
  • Repeat this to all strips leaving you with 10 circles
When you have all your circles made, you are ready to make your wreath

  • Glue two circles together using a pritt stick, Add another two circles either side of the first two circles to make a flower shape
Start making your wreath by gluing two circles together
  • Keep adding the remaining circles in between two circles to complete the circle form
Gradually add the circle together to form a circle

All ten circles added together
  • Finally add a central embellishment such a holly, father Christmas, and angel, a snowman etc to complete your decoration
I've added holly and ivy in the middle of mine but you can add any image
  • Place on display
Key stage 1: Instead of cutting out the strips to make the decoration, children can use pre-cut strips from paper chain packs or strips prepared in class.

Key stage 2: Consider using crimping scissors to add an interesting edge to your decoration. You could also try using various hole punches to cut out shapes in each strip.
Gifted and Talented: Think of different shapes that you can use. What will the decoration look like using triangles attached together? What patterns can you create? How would you add squares to each? What about mixing shapes and placing shapes inside each other. Experiment, explore and create.
Alternate idea

Make paper chains
This idea can easily be adapted to make your own paper chains using strips of brightly coloured and patterned paper. You can use any paper to make your chains, magazines, comics, wrapping paper or even paper that has been painted and prepared by the children

  •   Make a circle out of a strip of paper as shown in the diagram by gluing both ends together.

Thread the paper through the circle 
  • Thread another strip through the centre on the circle made in step 1.
Glue the end of the paper together to start making your chain
  • Make this strip into a circle as shown in step 1 by gluing both ends together.

When you have finished your chain use it to decorate your room, tree, window etc.

  • Continue repeating this process until your paper chain is at the desired length.

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