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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Making for it's own sake

One of the things that I love most about working with children is their ability to embrace materials, get stuck in and enjoy making an object and not worrying about it's context, it's theory, it's use of material etc etc. Well it appears I had forgotten that if you provide the right bohemian atmosphere, enough materials and pimms - adults can do the same!
This Friday I joined Access Art for the launch of the Festival of Making at Burwash Manor in Barton, Cambridge. Organised by Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli, the Festival of Making is all about celebrating hands-on making, creating opportunities, getting involved and having a go! The evening was very successful, it was nice to see all adults embracing their artistic side, Access Art created a fun and friendly atmosphere that removed barriers that would normally intimidate `non art types` from joining in the activities.
Everyone from all walks of life and all ages joined in the fun and made an array of scrumtious food for the Festival feast table, including victoria sponge cake, a slice of chocolate cake, ice creams, a bottle of bubbly and even a pint to name but a few. The band playing was a nice touch and a selection of art by local artists was exhibited alongside the Access Art Marquee.
 How to make a Claes Oldenburg inspired Ice Cream Oyster -
1.First get two paper plates and stuff with newspaper.
2.Cut some strips of modroc.
 3.Cover the plates with modroc
4. Cover the newspaper with tissue paper
5. Paint the tissue paper the colour of your ice cream
6. Paint the Oyster claim and finally squirt on some chocolate sauce (or brown paint in this case)
 7. Voila an Oyster made from junk!
 After the oyster I got a bit carried away and made these all sorts out of felt material
 Our collection of scrummy dishes for the feast  - the bakewell was made by my husband.
 When making my pieces I automatically thought of Claes Oldenburg a Swedish sculpture. Oldenburg has created large scale sculptures of everyday objects that can be found in public spaces all around the world, and to quote:
"A common object (applied to public sculpture) is a perfect meeting place--I have always found--of subjectivity and objectivity, inside and outside. I turn to objects out of my isolation and self-reflection, but in objects I discover society, and in objects society discovers itself as well. Common objects are a device for the reflection of their surroundings."
--Oldenburg, 1980
Interesting fact! Oldenburg is supposedly one of a few artists that has their work displayed on the moon in the moon museum!
 Claes Cake
The event was a fantastic opportunity to network , and embrace the opportunity to make and create just for fun. If you would like to find to more about Access Art or join in the Festival of Making during the month of July then visit for more information.

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Paula, AccessArt said...

Thanks Lisa - and a big thank you for your sculptures which look great. We carried on with the feast on saturday - lots of children joined us too and we'll post an update!