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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Take a closer look!

Today I was lucky enough to take part in The Big Draw in London. Based at Aviva Square, The Big Draw team set up around 12 different creative activities with one aim in mind - to get people drawing! The campaign was inspired by the Victorian artist and writer John Ruskin and brings communities together through a wide range of activities including the print bike, the drawing stall, the chalky van, frame the city, animation, putting yourself in the picture and much more.
I spent the afternoon on the `putting yourself in the picture` stall. What amazed me the most out of today's activities was how many people DID not say "I can't draw". It was really exciting and inspiring to watch the public embrace their creativity and enjoy mark making, drawing, animation etc with no fear of judgement or criticism. People from all ages and all walks of life came along to take part in the events.
Inspired by the local architecture and the new sculptures placed around Aviva Square The Big Draw began and this is what we got up to...
 Franz West, Garden Poof outside Hiscox
 Some of the stunning architecture around Aviva Square
 The scroll for the activity Put yourself in the picture is started
 The public took part and got creative adding to the scroll.
 We decided it was too windy in our location so relocated in Aviva Square, new architecture to draw and more passersby to add their dialogue to the working document.
 My sketch of my hand
 A lawyer drew this stunning image of the surrounding architecture

 How cool is this? The chalky van, a van covered literally from top to bottom in chalk paint ready to embellish with chalk - Genius. Participants spent all day decorating this van with images drawn in picture frames of what they were up to in London today.
 The postcard wall
The drawing stall where the only currency is your drawing, you draw and picture and buy another picture with your creation.

If you like the look of the activities today and feel that you have missed out, have no fear - The Big Draw is back tomorrow Sunday 10th July. Activities take place in and around Great St Helen's, Undershaft and Aviva Square, EC3
12.00 - 5.00pm, unless otherwise stated, and are suitable for all ages.
All materials will be provided free
12.00pm & 1.00pm
Spaces Between Buildings
Cartoonist Martha Richler leads fun, accessible pencil and charcoal sessions that encourage children and adults alike to set aside the skyline and explore the spaces in between. Pockets of hidden wildlife, City greenery and people provide the inspiration.
Reserve a place on arrival at the Information Point in Aviva Square
The Gory and the Gorgeous
Expert drawers from London's premier architectural and engineering offices will show you how to make views and produce ideas on a storyboard encompassing past and future. Reflect on the area's history of plague, murder, executions and casual cruelty alongside its splendour. Learn top tips for drawing perspectives and using shadows to make 3-D drawings. Work individually or as a group to make a large sculpture trail drawing. Led by Sketchmob founder Trevor Flynn and landscape architect Ian Wale.
Reserve a place on arrival at the Information Point in Aviva Square
Discoveries in Animation
Animate the imagery reflected in Kapoor's Sky Mirror and inspired by Opie's sculpture, Three Men Walking, and create your own walking, running or jumping people to populate the café gallery or to take home on a CD. Led by filmmaker Tess Laurence with University of Westminster students.
Reserve a place on arrival at the Information Point in Aviva Square
Eight Centuries in Two Hours
Take your sketchbook for a walk with Val Chris, Blue Badge Guide, and discover how the ancient and new combine to create a city of contrasts and hidden gems from St Helen's Church to The Pinnacle. Finishes at the Royal Exchange.
Reserve a place on arrival at the Information Point in Aviva Square
Sculptures in a Matchbox
Make a mini-3D construction with artist Sarah Bridgland. How many sculptures will your box hold?
Design and Decorate your own City
Be a city planner for the day with artist Nicola Burrell. Build your own relief paintings and sculptures inspired by the urban scene using recycled card, paper and tons of colour.
Monuments to the Future
Use recycled materials to design and create your own models for monuments with sculptor Matt Caines, taking inspiration from the new sculpture trail and the Gilt of Cain in Fen Court.
Location: Leadenhall Market, Gracechurch Street, EC3. Finishes at 4.30pm.
Frame the City
Use pattern, shape and texture to evoke the atmosphere of this unique setting with the help of a viewfinder, guaranteed to make drawing easy and to produce great results.
Drawing Stall
Capture the essence of the objects on display, all of which have local or city connections. Help to fill and decorate the only market stall where no money changes hands. Barter your creations for those made earlier by artists, or by other visitors.
Put Yourself in the Picture
Sign into the giant Big Draw Visitors Book with a doodle, sketch or mini-masterpiece.
See you there!

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Doug Roberts said...

Hi there, found you while looking for pics of saturday. I spent most of the time poking around the postcards and the stall. Great spot for drawing in general, wish i could have spent the whole day there