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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Read all about it- some good can come from newspapers!

 Life can get pretty hectic and busy at times and we need to remind ourselves to take time out and de-stress. Today, at Burwash Manor, the public had the opportunity to do just that with the paper bowls making workshop run by myself (Lisa Smith) as part of the Festival of Making for Access Art.
During the day passersby dropped in and learnt how to put to good use their old newspapers. Using a very simple method of rolling bits of paper using a tube and then coiling; people of all ages were able to successfully produce their own paper bowl.
I loved the air of calm and experimentation within the marquee. People experimented with the shapes of their bowls and discussed other projects that could be made out of the bowls such as layering them to make Christmas trees, gluing them on top of each other to make space ships, making them as gift baskets ... the list went on.
This activity is lots of fun, affordable and accessible to all. All you need is a newspaper, a glue stick and something to roll the newspaper up with such as a balloon stick, large straw - even a ruler. It is a great activity for fine motor skills, co-ordination and dexterity - plus a great confidence booster. But be warned - this can get addictive! Many of the people that popped into the marquee only planned to make a small bowl and found that their bowls kept growing and growing.
The rain didn't put anyone off joining in and even Cambridge radio came alone to find out all about the fantastic opportunities Access Art provide to the public. To find out how we got on have a look at the pictures below.
 Rolling the newspaper around the plastic tube to make the building units for the bowls
Me demonstrating how to roll the paper
 Coiling the newspaper ready for making the bowl. Father and daughter work as a team
 Adding points of interest and personalising the bowl with extra detail
 Even Cambridge radio came along to find out about the Festival of Making with
 Access Art and to learn how to make paper bowls
 Finally Painting the bowls using acrylic paint, see some of the fabulous finished items below

 The proud owner of this beautifully blended bowl shows off the finsihed product
 Stunning lavender bowl
My examples of painted paper bowls on display

There are still more events taking part at Burwash manor as part of the Festival of Making. If you have not been along yet have a look on the Access Art website and find out what creative fun you can get up to
To find out more about my work have a look on my website

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Genevieve Rudd said...

wow they look beautiful! now we all know what to do with all the old News of the Worlds - ha ha!