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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Felt Jubilee Rosettes

Day four of my Jubilee art special bring you -Felt Jubilee Rosette
Key Skills: Colour, form and Shape
Materials: Felt material, ribbon, PVA glue, thread, sewing needle and glitter glue
Vocab: Rosette, cut, sew, layer, language relating to sewing such as thread, stitch, blanket stitch, cast off
Learning Objectives :
To make a rosette that represents the Jubilee celebrations
To develop sewing and embroidery skills
To understand the importance of design work
To explore the use of felt material to make objects
To develop cutting skills

Step 1: Take some time to draw your design out on a piece of paper. Think about what is going to be your central image for your rosette, what colours you want around your rosette and what ribbon you would like hanging from the rosette.
Stage 2: Collect the fabric you require. As you do not need a lot of fabric for this activity, this is a great way of using up scraps of material.

Step 3: I have chosen to create a traditional red, white and blue rosette. Cut out three layers, make sure you check with your design to clarify which colour you need the biggest circle to be cut from and which colour will be in the centre of your rosette.

Step 4: Cut out any embellishments that you are going to sew onto the centre of the rosette. You could also attach a button, a badge or use sequins to create your centre piece. I have decided to cut the number `60` out of yellow felt material.

Step 5: Now that you completed your preparation work you are ready to start to sew the piece together. For the rosette you work in the reverse order and start with the centre piece. Sew the yellow numbers to the red centre piece using a running stitch.

Step 6: Sew around the red section to the white section using a blanket or running stitch.

Step 7: Before you sewn the white section to the blue section secure the ribbon with a couple of stitches to the back of the white section. The ribbon for this rosette was purchased from the Fabric Warehouse.

Step 8: Sew the white section to the blue section using a blanket or running stitch.

Step 9: Use a running or blanket stitch around the outside of the blue section to keep a uniform look to the rosette. For a final touch I have added glitter glue around the 60 on the rosette.

An alternative design, on this piece I have made a small teacup in the centre with a teabag hanging from the cup with the quote “Keep calm and Carry on”.

Key Stage 1: You can use a hand held hole punch such as to make holes in the felt to make it easier to sew for younger pupils. Alternatively younger children can use PVA glue to stick their rosette together. You could also make the rosette in the same manner using tissue paper of funky foam. Why not experiment with a few materials?

Key Stage 2: Instead of cutting images out for the centre of the rosette, think about images and words that can be embroidered. You can add beads and sequins to create a dynamic and decorative centre of your rosette.

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