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Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Work - Cytherea

Finally I have managed to find the time to update my blog! 
This weekend I continued work on my `Cytherea' Painting. The canvas was primed with luminous pink paint with a wash of black acrylic once the pink was set.
For this painting I wanted to emphasise my love of texture and colour, using powerful complementaries and a range of textural finishes.

Purple underpainting completed
 The purple that I mixed up had a bit of translucency to it, I underpainted the dark areas on the canvas to allow a darker tone to be applied later.
Highlights added, working with the luminous pink underpainting
 The highlights add to the illusion of depth creating almost fold  like sections within the natural form image. My lines could have been a bit crisper and sharper. Something that I will have to work on for the next piece. You can see in the image above how the purple has applied a lot darker than the first image.
Power line dots added
 The dots represent a lot of different aspects for me and reference a couple of artists that I am influenced such as Chris O'Fili. I wanted the dot line to act as a power-play between the soft and dark tones to aid drawing the viewers eye around the piece.
Detail of dot work
I am not sure if this painting is finished yet. I am tempted to add more dots around the outer purple edge, but having stared at it for a few hours today I think it is best to come back to it with fresh eyes tomorrow!

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