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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Giant Tissue Paper Stamp

Day two of the Jubilee Art Lesson plans bring you -Giant Tissue Paper Stamp
Key Skills: Shape, form and Texture

Materials: Picture of the Queen, pencil, rubber, PVA glue, cartridge paper, tissue paper

Vocab : Scrunch, texture, assemblage, collage, found materials

Learning Objectives :
To use an internet search engine to resource images
To create a textured portrait of the Queen using tissue paper (or other materials)
To learn about the relationship between lines, edges and spaces
To establish techniques of applying collage materials
To develop fine motor skills

Step 1: Research on the internet to find a profile picture of the Queen. Ask children to draw a line drawing of the Queen onto a piece of A4 paper. For Key Stage 1 pupils you can find a template on the following website :

Step 2: Cut your chosen coloured tissue paper up into small squares

Step 3: Apply glue to one area of the portrait. If you place too much glue on the piece can become messy. It is much easier to work from one area at a time.

Step 4: Scrunch up the tissue paper into small balls and push firmly into the glue. Try not to leave any gaps.

Step 5: Continue with this technique until the section is completely full.

Step 6: Continue to work section to section changing the colours when necessary.

Step 7: Try to add areas of detail, such as the eye and eye brow. This can be done by scrunching up black tissue paper into very small pieces.

Step 8: Once you have completed all of the positive space that makes up the queens head, use a pair of decorative scissors to cut around your image. This will create the illusion of the edge of a stamp – don’t forget to add your price!

Key stage 1: An alternative idea for Keystage 1 pupils could be to use paint. Place a few plates/trays with different colours in them and encourage the children to use their fingers to paint the inside of the printed Queens head. Try to encourage the children to stay within the lines and vary the choice of colour. Or use a projector to enlarge the picture and use bottle tops and plastic lids to fill in the portrait.

Key stage 2: Use a picture of the Queen to draw an outline of the Queens face. Think about what mediums you can use to fill the positive space. You could use sequins, buttons, tissue paper, badges, leaves etc. What other images could you apply this technique to for the Jubilee? Consider making a telephone box, black taxi, Tower of London, Big Ben or even the Olympic rings!

Don't forget to email me your images, the best ones, I'll place on my blog.

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