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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Victorian Art

Here's a quick blog on a lovely project I worked on recently. I was invited to work in a local Infant school for the afternoon with nursery to year 2 pupils to create some Victorian inspired art work. The order of the day included Zoe-tropes, love tokens and Pop up pictures. Here is how we got on.
First I worked with Year 2 pupils. They started by drawing a strip animation of an image that was slightly altered in each frame - a bit like a flick book.

Here are some of the amazing animations the children came up with

Once we had create out strips of animation we made a small handheld zoe-trope, which we pinned onto the end of a pencil with an eraser at the end. The children then twisted the pencil between their hands to watch their animation

With the year one pupils we made pop up pictures. The children started by making a couple of cuts into their card - This would produce the parts of the pop up to stick pictures onto

Next the children create images that could be used in the back ground and on the pop up sections. We looked at Victorian architecture for inspiration

The picture were glued to the cut out pop up frames

And voila a beautiful pop up picture. I love the pencil work in this piece, fantastic line work for such a young child

Finally with the nursery children we made love tokens. We learnt a little bit about the history of these. Then the children set to colouring the pictures in and gluing on some pre-cut shapes to their token

I think you'll agree these look fantastic, and we even managed a little literacy!

If you are interested in instruction sheets or templates for any of the above design, please email me at

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