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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And now for something different

As a community artist I have the pleasure of working with a range of schools producing murals, canvases, sculptures, totems and other art projects. Today I worked with a group of pupils from a local Infant school to create a canvas for their British Isle Week. The children aged between 4-7 years old spent some time learning about 4 Great British artists; Patrick Caulfield, Damien Hirst, Fiona Rae and Alan Davie. Working as a team we then appropriated the styles of the selected artists into this fabulous canvas. The pupils focused on the symbols and shapes used in Fiona Rae`s work, the butterflies used in Damien Hirst paintings, the flat coloured shaped interior objects used in Patrick Caulfield`s work and enjoying the `zen` style painting of Alan Davie. The children hopefully learnt about colour mixing, making marks with a paint brush and how to work collaboratively.

The Final Product -Key Stage 1 pupils appropriation of 4 great British Artists art work Patrick Caulfield
Fiona Rae
Damien Hirst
Alan Davie

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