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Friday, 15 April 2011

London to Paris

One of the mediums I love to work with is crayons and oil pastels. I enjoy the tactile quality of the medium on a good paper and the expressive marks that can be made. The two drawings below are influenced by a recent visit to the surrealism gallery at the Tate. I was looking at a couple of paintings by Magritte and was intrigued by the limited palette in the paintings.

I decided to chose two quite iconic images and simplified the forms, colour and line in the drawings. So with a good bottle of wine and a bit of Nina Simone the results and pictured below.
Paris in the rain London Calling


deangraziosi said...

You made an outstanding performance from oil pastels. Congratulation lisa so beautiful paintings.
dean graziosi

Chantal Galvan ....... (~ P.S. I LoVe YoU ~) said...