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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Works on Paper

For this blog I am travelling back in time to an exhibition I took part in whilst studying for my degree. The work pictured below was shown at the RK Burt Gallery in Southwark in an exhibition titled "Works on Paper" 2004.

I created a range of pieces using origami folded shirts made out of various different papers. Some papers were new, some were recycled and some were made for the piece. The shirts had a seductive quality about them, with a box displayed on the floor for viewers to take one if they wished - challenging the usual boundaries of touching art work in a gallery context.

I think I made a total of over 5000 shirts for this exhibition, continuing the obsessive, repetitive working process within my practice.

A larger piece was made for the centre of the gallery using cardboard boxes filled with large crisp white paper folded shirts- almost like those you would find displayed on shop floors. I was interested in the juxtaposition of the crisp white paper, against the tired tatty worn cardboard of the boxes.

The pieces were displayed in different sizes and compositions, discussing subjects such as work ethos, office environments and manufactured objects.

The RK Burt gallery was created in November 1999 at the grade 2 listed site on Union Street. The gallery offers an affordable and accessible opportunity for degree level students to exhibit their work in a professional setting. The gallery provides nearly a 1000 sq feet of exhibition spaces in the Southwark area close to the Jerwood Space, Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre. Have a look at the RK Burt website for more information

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