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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sketch it, cut it,stick it, glue it!

Paper is an amazing medium that you can use to create fantastic pieces of art work. The versitility of paper has no bounds, it can be drawn on, painted on, cut, ripped, folded, rolled, textured, sculpted and the list goes on. Recently I have spent alot of time investigating paper craft, collage and paper engineering techniques that I can use in my practice. I spend alot of time building sketchbooks and pull ideas from these to create my art - which does not alway result in a 2D piece of work. Working in collage provides me with the fliexibility of changing compostions, colour schemes and focal points without having to paintout or start over.
Below are three pieces I have worked on recently.
Sliding mechanism "Whats the use of a book..."
Paper collage

 Pop up "... pretending to be two people
Paper collage
Bursting Iris folded star " oh my poor little feet
Pencil, crayon and collage

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