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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

APT Exhibition

For the show Philoscope held at the APT gallery in Deptford, my work was inspired by local graffiti that I photographed when investigating the site. I was really interested in the bold, bright colours that were used and where the graffiti was placed - on doors, walls, lamp posts etc.

I used fabric to recreate some local graffiti tags giving them a 3D form. 15 small forms were made and attached to the wall in a formal arrangement. The fabric forms were measured to scale and were quite precise in their making in contrast to the randomness and speed of the bright coloured tags photographed around Deptford. Brick shapes were patchworked together to create a colour chart of the spray and paint used in the local tags.
Two larger forms were hung onto a frame built out of wood to represent a doorway. These forms also took on an insect form, almost scorpion in shape emulating some of the history of Deptford docks and creatures found there.
The APT Gallery encourages particpation in the visual arts through creative practice, exhibitions and education. Have a look on the APT website for more information

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